Vintage Cigars

Vintage Cigars

A really good cigar is worth more as it ages!

Now, we present you a collection of old Cuban cigars. These cigars, in our cellar, at least aged for 4 to 10 years.

Why are cigars worth more as they age?

Aged cigar burns better and produces a more refined flavor compare with the "younger one". Aged cigar which can eliminate the disadvantaged of itself, for example to take away the astringent taste that make a cigar more balanced in flavor and richer in smoke finally.

  • There will be obvious changes after 1-2 years aged in suitable environment.
  • Aged for 10-15 years shows the greatest potential.

Although all cigars can be aged and benefit in proper environment, it is recommended to start with premium hand-rolled cigars only. A machine-rolled or half-rolled cigar will only be able to become an advanced cigar with high quality.

Every cigar smoker expects their tender loving care among years can be spent on a potential cigar!

The aged cigar, by contrast, has the rich mellowness.
This is a Gift and Giving from time!

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  1. Box of 15 Hoyo de Monterrey Coronations A/T
    Special Price $110.50
  2. Box of 25 H. Upmann Coronas Junior
  3. Box of 15 Montecristo Open Junior A/T
  4. Box of 5 X 5 Rafael González Perlas C/P
  5. Box of 5 X 5 Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas C/P
    Special Price $168.30
  6. Box of 25 Romeo y Julieta Piramides Anejados
    Special Price $426.70
  7.  Fonseca Delicias
    Out of stock
    Box of 25 Fonseca Delicias
  8. Cuaba Diadema
    Out of stock
    Box of 5 Cuaba Diadema
  9. Montecristo Open Master
    Out of stock
    Box of 20 Montecristo Open Master
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