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TIMECIGAR offers bonus points "TC-dollar" which brings you exclusive privileges and the best e-shopping experiences!
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Terms and conditions:

1. $1 cigarcoin reward per US$100 spent for every successful order! e.g. $2 cigarcoins would be rewarded for a single order of US$200.01~299.99

2. $1 cigarcoin is equivalent to US$1 for next purchase.

3. Cigarcoins rewarded are subject to display on TIMECIGAR. Coupons, giftcards cannot be used in conjuction with the points.

4. Cigarcoins rewarded would be eliminated accordingly for any goods return. US$100 per every cigarcoin would be deducted from refund in case the cigarcoin(s) earned from that particular order is/are used or by any means no longer available.

5. Cigarcoins has up to 90 days validity upon distribution. Notification would be made through email 14 days early. The coin would no longer be available upon expiration.

6. Disclaimer: TIMECIGAR has sole and final discretion of interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.