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Protecting the privacy and personal data of the customers is critical to CT-INC Limited and its related companies, including all subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively "We", "Us"). This Privacy Policy helps yo understand how TIMECIGAR collects, uses, and protects your personal data. The term "personal data" in the paragraphes means any material that is directly or indirectly related to you and that is capable of directly or indirectly determining your identity which allow for access to or processing. By browsing any website by TIMECIGAR ("Website"), or by other means to provide us with your persaonl information (including visiting the stores or calling enquiry hotline), you acknowledge and agree TIMECIGAR to collect, use, store and disclose such information in accordance with The Privacy Policy. TIMECIGAR reviews this Privacy Policy on a regular basis and from time to time amend the content by updating the Website. By using the services after modification, you are considered agreeing the revision. Please visit and review regularly to obtain the latest updates.

Use of your personal data

TIMECIGAR collects, uses and stores your personal data to provide you with a personalized experience online. These could occur on the Website or other means. TIMECIGAR keeps your information confidential at all times and only collects, uses, stores and discloses such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Information collection

TIMECIGAR may collect your data on the Website and in different contexts: - If you are not yet a registered user, you will be browsing as a guest. - Your personal information (such as your name and contact details) will be collected for features, services and member sale provided. - Only order related information will be collected (such as your name, contact details and payment/credit card details). However, if you are interested in signing in with your social networking accounts, such information (including your hobbies, social network and followers) would also be collected. - You may further provide other personal details from time to time by using the Services provided by TIMECIGAR and its partners (such as sale campaigns and survey). - You can also sign in with your social networking account. Verification would be needed and provides you with an option to share certain personal details with TIMECIGAR. You may also choose to share your activities on TIMECIGAR to such network.

Use of your profile

TIMECIGAR will use the personal details you provided for the following puposes: - Providing you with the Services (such as application and evaluation of such Services). This includes responding your enquiries, providing advices on products, preserving items in your shopping carts, evaluating any services you apply for and issuing membership card. These allow you to enroll in promotions and to place orders (such as data verification and security check. - Delivering sales information to you in accordance with the "marketing information" below. - Matching your profile with the information you provided in other ways. - Analyzing market trends and users' behavior for better understanding on how you get contact with the Website. Your profile information may also be used in enhancing the Services and taking action for your enquiries. Such information includes your gender, age, interests, location, habits etc.


Please note that: - TIMECIGAR may transfer, use and store your personal details other than in PRC in accordance with this Privacy Policy. - You may not be able to enjoy certain features and services if the information you provided is incomplete. Unless otherwise specified by law or specifically permitted by law, (a) TIMECIGAR retains only necessary information to achieve relevant purposes. (b) Your personal data may be deleted if you terminate your TIMECIGAR account. (c) If you choose to revoke your account or terminate the use of social networking features, TIMECIGAR will prompt third parties to remove the information hold. You may from time to time provide TIMECIGAR with personal data of other parties. You understand and agree that prior acknowledgement has been granted beforehand.

Anonymous data aggregation

Addition information may also be collected on the Website: - Your behavior on the Website would be monitored to help TIMECIGAR provide services that better meet your needs and expectations. Such information may include but not limited to the type and version of your browser, your OS, IP and/or domain name. - The Website may also identify the devices you use.

Information disclosure

TIMECIGAR keeps your information confidential, TIMECIGAR only discloses such information to parties located inside/outside PRC for use inside/outside PRC, which includes (a) related parties of TIMECIGAR (including affiliates and subsidiaries) or (b) parties acting on behalf of TIMECIGAR or (c) service provider of the Website. These occur to achieve relevant purposes, yet all parties are subject to confidentiality and privacy obligations substantially set forth in this Privacy Policy. - To disclose your information to any financial institution, credit/debit card issuer or relevant agency in order to establish and support payment facilities, and - If required to make such disclosure in accordance with statutory or contractual obligations, or in accordance with law or court regulations, or (by law) it is necessary to make disclosure to protect TIMECIGAR's interests. TIMECIGAR refuses to provide any of your data unless obtained your explicit consent in advance. TIMECIGAR may from time to time transmit aggregated anonymous data to third parties and such information will not be sufficient for identification. This Privacy Policy applies to TIMECIGAR and the Website, but does not necessarily apply to other related parties and their websites. You are suggested to read carefully the privacy policies provided by them before submitting your data. TIMECIGAR is not liable for the use of your details by such parties.

Review and profile update

You are welcome to review, verify and update you personal details after signing in.


Only users aged 18 or above are eligible to purchase on the Website.

Information misuse report

If you believe your personal information is being collected, used or disclosed in violation of this Privacy Policy or any applicable law, you can contact the privacy officer as shown below. Please provide, if applicable, - details of the collection, use or disclosure of information against the policy, - screenshot(s) of relevant webpage(s), and - your email address and/or contact number. TIMECIGAR will get in touch with you afterwards about the claim in 15 days upon application. THank you for helping.

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